Kidney beans

A few years ago, I developed a kidney stone. It started — or at least the pain started — while I was at the gym. I felt a niggling pain in my back like I’d tweeted a muscle. So, rather than risk making it worse, I packed up and left the gym.

By the time I got home, I was in agony. I’d never felt pain like it.

Fortunately, the stone passed painlessly the following day. But, I was left with a nagging fear that it might happen again, so I signed up with a nutritionist. I wanted her advice on changes that would help minimize the risk of another stone forming.

The week before our first meeting, I kept a food log. I had to record everything I ate and drank and the time of day. Doing this is a real motivation to eat clean and not to overeat.

About to eat another slice of cake? You probably won’t if you know a few days from now someone will say ‘did you really need a third portion?

I was sure she would be impressed with my log. At that time I didn’t eat meat, dairy, or fast food. I was convinced she would think my diet was a model of moderation and healthy eating.

But not so!

My diet was a shit show. My ‘healthy’ lentil and tofu-ready meals contributed significantly to my 5,000 mg of salt daily. My regular evening pasta and marinara sauce plate sent my carb intake rocketing. My protein intake was miserably low.

What I thought would be a minor tweak to my eating habits turned out to be a major overhaul.

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