What happens when you get older?

I keep catch myself thinking like an ‘old person’. More than one I’ve thought “perhaps we should go for dinner a bit earlier, you know before the restaurant gets really busy and the service gets slow’’.

I can trace my path to thinking like this back to when I commuted to work by train.

For the first year or two I thought it was sad that some people stood in the same spot on the platform every morning.

I made the conscious decision to always stand in a different spot. Sometimes at one end of the platform, sometimes in the middle. I tried hard to be random, but, humans are not good at random behavior. We are programmed to fall into patterns of behavior. It saves time and energy if you don’t have to think.

So, like most other people I gravitated toward standing in the same spot. I mean, it was the best spot for guaranteeing I got a seat on the train. What’s wrong with that?

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